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Actually, it is always said that women cannot have enough pockets. But isn't that more true of pillows? Because of cosiness
 you can't have enough. That's why this time we're going to show you how to sew a large seat cushion with a bobble border. The sewn corners give the pillow a little depth and can accompany you from the sofa, on the meadow or in the park. We have sewn our beautiful Guatemalan cotton fabrics in the "Aqua" version, which are particularly robust and yet soft. Simply perfect for your new cozy pillow.

Sew seat cushions 1seat cushion 2seat cushion 3



  • Fabric scissors
  • big ruler
  • optional: Wonder clips or pins



  • 1 m cotton fabric, e.g. aqua
  • Bobble border, 4 m
  • sufficient cotton wool
  • solid material á 15 x 2,5 cm for the handles

Sew seat cushions


1. Cutting

Depending on how big you want your seat cushion, cut your fabric. For a long version of the seat cushion, as shown here, you need two pieces of fabric, each 45 x 110 (full fabric width). nYou also need two strips of solid material such as (synthetic) leather, Snappap or ReLeda. Cut two strips 15 cm long and 2,5 cm wide.

Sew the seat cushion yourself


2. Position the handles

At a distance of 5 cm from the top (short) edges, place your handle in the middle on the right side of the fabric.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 3


3. Mark the position

Mark the position of the handles with pins or wonder clips.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 4


4. Sew on handles

Sew the handles open at the ends with a small square. Sew over it a second time for a better hold.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 5


5. Finished handles

This is what your sewn-on handles should look like.


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Sew the seat cushion yourself 6


6. Pin the pom pom lace

Pin your bobble braid to your fabric with pins or Wonder Clips right sides together on the four sides. You can either pin everything in one piece or you can pin the four sides in individual strips. The pompons look to the middle of the fabric.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 7


7. Sew on the bobble border

Sew the bobble braid tightly on the edge.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 8


8. Pin the fabric together

Fold your two fabric sides right sides together and pin them in place.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 9


9. Sew the cushions together

Sew the two fabric sides together right sides together with a seam allowance of 0,7 - 1 cm. Leave a turning opening of approx. 5 - 8 cm on one long side.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 10


10. Mark the corners

The corners are sewn for more depth in your pillow. Pull your fabric apart at the corners and lay the side seams directly on top of each other. This creates a triangle. Mark a straight line an inch from the sharp corner.


If the pompons of your braid are in the way, pull the respective corner through the opening and cut the pompons back at the corners. Then slide the corner back through the opening.


Sew the seat cushion yourself 11


11. Sew the corners

Sew the corners according to your markings. Secure the seam by sewing back and forth once at the beginning and end. Cut the corner down to just under the seam and repeat the last two steps with the other three corners.

Sew the seat cushion yourself 12


12. Turn

Turn your pillow inside out through the opening. Shape your corners as you go.

Sew the seat cushion yourself 13


13. Fill

Now fill your pillow with polyfill. You can decide for yourself how much you use for this and also influence the strength and thickness of your pillow. Finally, close the turning opening by hand or with the sewing machine.

Sew the seat cushion yourself 14



Download instructions as PDF here

Adobe Acrobat document (1.0 MB)

Sew the seat cushion yourself 16

Sew the seat cushion yourself 15

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