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Sew a hot-water bottle cover from leftovers

Sew a hot-water bottle cover from leftovers

When sewing, fabric remnants accumulate over time and little by little you are sitting on a big box full. Of course it would be a shame to throw it away! Using leftovers is not only sustainable, but I also know from my own experience that wonderful and creative things can still be created from leftovers. Finally, I sewed this hot water bottle cover out of leftovers. It was really fun and I think she turned out to be a real eye-catcher!

And best of all: It's relatively easy and fast! I'll show you how you can sew a special hot water bottle cover in no time! You will need leftover cotton fabric for the outside or many small strips of fabric and leftover cotton for the inner lining. If necessary, an insert and a small piece of bias binding. The pattern is easy to make yourself!

For the front, I simply have leftover pieces from the beautiful ones Shweshwe fabrics from South Africa cut into strips and sewn together. I then quilted the whole thing together on a leftover piece of cotton-soy fleece with many "straight" seams. You don't have to work very accurately, you can just sew wildly. For me, the individual seams are intentionally uneven and odd, because I like the overall pattern better that way.

On the back there is a so-called hotel closure so that it is easier to get the hot-water bottle into the cover. I sewed the back part from leftover curtain fabric that I had to cut off and the inner lining is also leftover cotton.

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Gitti Posch
Gitti Posch
1 year before

Sustainable Sewing Box June 2022 - Picnic Set Dancing Seeds.
I just love your fabrics.

Sonja Vlaar
1 year before

The hot water bottle cover has become so beautiful and already radiates so much warmth :). LG, Sonya