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Review 2021 and the future of True Fabrics

Exactly a year ago we took over as a small company from the Rhine-Main area, the fabric trade True Fabrics.

This special fabric trade for unique fabrics from all over the world, with a focus on African fabrics, fit perfectly into the portfolio of at that time Ubuntu World, which was founded a year earlier as a marketplace for African products. The goal of Ubuntu World was and is to enable African manufacturers and small businesses to gain market access for their products in Europe.

With True Fabrics, this project then even went beyond the African continent.

We achieved a lot in that one year. Including:

  • We have over 1.250 EUR in donations, via our SocialSure + program generated, which we were able to pass on in part to aid projects such as the “Against Malaria Foundation”, “Deworm the World”, “Mon Devoir eV”, “Woé zon loo eV” and “Rettet die Naturvölker eV”. We will donate another part to our second home in South Africa. More on this shortly.
  • We managed to get the inventory of True Fabrics to be completely rebuilt and expanded. We are proud to announce that True Fabrics mittlerweil to over 250 fabrics has listed from stock. There is also a wide range of pre-order items for the categories Shweshwe fabrics and Aboriginal designs - which we have so far offered our customers in three pre-order campaigns. In total, that's over 1.000 great fabric designs
  • With Bella and Kristen, we were able to find two great employees who always actively support us in the warehouse and office. See a little about this newspaper article.

We were particularly pleased with the great customer response. Although we for data protection reasons, before the takeover of True Fabrics, had to delete all customer accounts True Fabrics to be able to build on the sales of the past “Colin Bien Years” right from the start. For this one Thank you very much to all of our customers, for the great leap of faith! We very much hope that we have done justice to this and will continue to do so in the future.

Of course there were also difficult moments. On the one hand, there was our shutdown of the showroom in Berlin. After more than a year of Corona measures, it was simply no longer economically viable. So, with a heavy heart, we decided to close the facility in February.
Then there was the “game of patience” with a larger shipment of fabric from Australia. Divided into several shipments, it took almost 6 weeks until we were finally able to hold all the parcels in our hands after many phone calls with the Australian Post, DHL, DHL Express and Co. Also a thank you for the patience of our customers!

The workload was always enormous throughout the year and the areas of responsibility in a small team were correspondingly extensive. As founders, we have not yet paid off a single euro, but continue to put all of our savings into building up this company. A reality that many founders are sure to know.

However, we have learned all the more and have grown with the numerous tasks. We are definitely looking forward to the coming years! 

Numerous topics and projects are being planned. We cannot reveal everything already. Just so much, we would like to go with you True Fabrics increasingly on the subject Sustainability enter. For this purpose, there is also an increasing focus on in the range of products Organic substances judge. Uni-colored fabrics, hand-woven fabrics and more will find their way into our range in 2022. Also plans True Fabrics, in the coming year with sustainable sewing boxes to go to the start. An exciting project that we are very much looking forward to !!! 🙂


..the trip goes on!


We wish you all a healthy start into the new year!

It greets you warmly
The True Fabrics Team

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