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Unique fabrics from all over the world | Free shipping from 80 €

The journey of True Fabrics continues…

... although it has already been declared over. But wanted that Raphael and Lucia Maria not allow. "We are not only fond of traveling and see the potential in this wonderful shop, but we also bring our vision of fair, social and sustainable trade in the world with us."Despite all the challenges with the GDPR, we found a way. The two of them take over the steering wheel “last minute”, so to speak True Fabrics and start a new adventure. For us the best Christmas present of the year. We are happy about this great news and we wish all the best for this wonderful project from the bottom of our hearts.

The new crew says hello!

We, the new crew, that is Raphael Hilbrig and Lucia-Maria Masini, the team from Ubuntu World - Your online marketplace for African products. With Ubuntu World we promote sustainable and economic growth on the African continent through "helping people to help themselves". So far we have been working with African companies, designers and small manufacturers who supply us with a variety of beautiful ShweShwe products. We are fascinated by this traditional South African fabric and are now being inspired by other unique fabrics from all over the world!

When we heard that True Fabrics closes, we couldn't help but extend our journey, which has so far been between Africa and Europe, to other continents as well. Because the idea and philosophy of True Fabrics is wonderfully united for us with the principles and goals of Ubuntu World.

Plan and pack your suitcase

Our journey will begin in 2021. We are pleased and proud that Colin and Magdalena trust us with this project.

We bring a lot of creative ideas with us for our travel planning. Of course, we want to provide you with a wide range of products in the online shop. The range is being stocked gradually and is allowed to grow over time.

In addition to online shipping, you can in future also have fabrics from all over the world in our Showroom in Berlin feel and experience. In addition to sewing events, there are regular stock sales here.

Our head office is in Hesse, in the Frankfurt am Main area in Kelsterbach. The new main shipping warehouse is being built here True Fabrics and regular stock sales are also planned here.

You can also experience the unique fabrics live at various events, market sales and trade fairs in the future.
An important part for us will be the continuation of the support of Aid projects in the countries where the fabrics are manufactured.

For us, too, it means: the journey is the goal! We are already packing our bags, the travel plans are in place and we are already very excited that it will start soon!

In joyful anticipation of what lies ahead of us, greet you warmly,

Raphael & Lucia-Maria


PS. Would you like a specific range of fabrics back? Then write us this wish in that Comment field. : )


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