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A travel recommendation for True Fabrics

A travel recommendation for the future


True Fabrics was and is a lover's project, an affair of the heart, for its customers, but also for its makers. And it has been for five years now.

It's unbelievable how fast the time flies and it's even more unbelievable what we have made of € 1.000 starting chapters and an idea. Generated around € 125.000 in sales, gained almost 2300 customers, supported nine small and medium-sized suppliers from all over the world, sold lots of fabrics, built two online shops, met lots of great people and produced lots of sewing instructions and inspiration! All of this in addition to other jobs and responsibilities.


Travel recommendation

So far it has been a really fantastic journey where the journey was the goal. And it held ups and downs for us, but above all a lot of instructive experiences that one would not want to miss anymore. But like every journey, this one comes to an end, at least for us, but not necessarily for True Fabrics. Because like a beautiful country that you have traveled to and recommended to friends and family, this project can also be worth a trip for someone. That's the reason for this blog article: a travel recommendation for the future.

We are currently at a fork in the road where it is still unclear in which direction we will continue. What is clear, however, is that it will not be the way we came. So it can be that we walk a bit with others or we stay where we are and the future of True Fabrics view from a distance.

What is also clear: we don't want to bury this project, we don't want to end it, just like that, without new travelers. It has too much potential for that - to do, to learn, to realize.


travel planning

Perhaps one or the other of you would like to have the time and courage to go on a journey and take the wheel True Fabrics to take in hand. If so, this is your option. Contact us, because a trip needs to be planned. Costs, duration and the exact route are important parameters that one should know about.

With this in mind, we hope that people who are eager to explore and travel hungry will read this.

With kind regards

Colin & Magdalena


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