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6 beautiful retro fabrics from our range

6 beautiful retro fabrics from our range

Retro is the new vintage. And the statement is not that wrong. Because vintage is usually understood to be a real original. That means things that actually date from the years 1920 to 1980, were produced during this time and represent the respective styles. Under Retro on the other hand, one understands the imitation of colors, shapes and patterns from this time, but they are produced anew. And so our fabrics are to some extent to be understood as retro, because some are reminiscent of various earlier styles with their designs. Today we would like to introduce you to a selection of fabrics in retro design from our range.

Retro pattern

What is currently referred to as retro is always quite different and still, just as it was then, dependent on certain trends for colors, shapes and objects depicted. But what we mean by retro is mostly patterns that remind us of the 50s, 60s and 70s. This is mainly due to the cheerful and bright colors, with mostly very special shades. For example, people like to associate various shades of red with yellow with the 70s. Plus large, simple shapes. Well, who doesn't immediately think of the old bright curtains from back then?

Retro patterns can also be interpreted in a completely new way and still be retro. Here, too, the ideas mostly range from then to now, just with different colors or shapes. Many of our retro-designed fabrics work this way. They are reminiscent of the clear, simple pattern arrangements from back then, but come with fresh colors and great color combinations. They are lovingly handcrafted in small workshops and production facilities and still reflect the various cultural influences of their origin. A great combination that results in really beautiful fabrics.


Our retro fabrics

The first retro fabric we chose is the purple one "Compass Rose Purple", Shweshwe fabric from South Africa. The twisted star shapes are all very well ordered and the combination of purple and red fits together wonderfully here.

Fabric no. 2 from our selection is a light cotton from Ghana, ours "Shamrock Art". The pattern is actually very reminiscent of buttons or delicious cookies. But here it is the chosen colors yellow and a brown that are combined with each other and make the whole design look retro.

As a third material, we would like you to have ours "Senna Brownfrom Australia. The floral pattern comes in warm earth tones and is therefore somehow retro. What is even more surprising about the material is that it is ours Aboriginal fabrics heard and actually represents a traditional pattern from their culture. So the fabric is so much more than retro!

The next fantastically beautiful fabric in retro design from our range is the "Sea of ​​Flowers Bluefrom Ghana. This time a fabric with beautiful flowers and a very knitted order of these. The colors yellow, blue and brown then give the design a very special and unique effect. An absolute eye-catcher.

Somehow retro, but somehow not our fabric either "Featherfrom South Africa. The sturdy, medium-weight cotton in dark blue with a white pattern is somewhat reminiscent of the first design in our selection (twisted stars). However, this warps so much that a great geometric pattern results, which still looks subtle. Retro in inconspicuous is also possible.  

The last material that we would like to introduce to you comes from India: "Maharaja". Again, a beautiful geometric pattern that gets its retro look due to the two colors orange and red. There is also the delicate ice blue and the gray shapes. This fabric surprises and looks both retro and extremely modern.

Sewing ideas for our favorite retro fabrics

Of course, a wonderful fabric also needs a great sewing idea. First of all, you probably think of cuts in a retro look, which can emphasize the impression of the fabrics very nicely. We have a great idea, because that Tulip dress nach neinem Cut of sandwiches, gets a really special look from a great retro fabric. But more modern cuts are of course also possible and exactly fitting. How about a practical one, for example sponge bag? Or you can sew a great one pleated skirt made of your favorite retro fabric. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun. Get on the machine!


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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