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Our most popular fabrics with dots and circles

Our most popular fabrics with circles and dots

Circles and points are easy to find everywhere and of course in many designs and Fabric samples. Reason enough for us to sift through our own range and introduce you to the most beautiful fabrics. But why are the round shapes such a popular basis for a wide variety of designs? Let's get to the bottom of this!

The geometric shape of the circle

A point or an infinite number of points equidistant from a certain point form the basic geometric shape of the circle. All other geometric shapes, such as squares or triangles, can be derived from a circle. At the same time, the circle is an organic shape that occurs everywhere and all the time. So there are the most varied of circular shapes in nature. We find the circular shape again in many plants, fruits or in body shapes and organs. Just think of our eyes with the round pupil. We also refer to our planet as a sphere, which is the three-dimensional shape of the circle. We notice that the circle is actually an important basic shape in our world. It is also the energetically optimal shape, which is why soap bubbles, for example, always tend to become round.

At the same time, we also associate certain meanings with the shape of the circle and use the word "circle" in a variety of linguistic meanings. So the circle stands for something even or for perfect or for complete. The circle represents closeness, but can also be understood as a limitation or demarcation. On the linguistic level, for example, we find the saying “go around in circles”, which can have both a negative and a positive meaning. As children we all enjoyed going round and round happily one time or the other.

Many circular shapes are also created when sewing. Openings that are created through the combination of pattern pieces usually represent different circular shapes. Depending on the need and purpose in a more or less uniform way. Just think of the armhole, which is usually made up of 2-3 pattern pieces, or buttons. We notice that there are many different reasons why dots and circles are also widespread on fabrics.


Our most popular fabrics with circles and dots

Our stuff "Brown Dots" is part of the Shweshwe fabrics from South Africa, which are also known as "Denim of Africa". The fabric, with evenly arranged blue circles on a background in a great earth tone, is a medium-weight and rather firm fabric. Ideal for bags, home textiles, but also clothing. Just things that should be able to withstand a lot. 

Ours come very differently Aboriginal fabrics therefore. The soft and light cotton fabric "Bush Sweet Potato Green" from Australia, of course, contains many small circles which, as a mosaic, form the background for the design. In the foreground, again, pretty parts of the plant are depicted. The fabric comes from the feathers of Aboriginal artist Audrey Martin. Beautiful, isn't it?

It is also a Shweshwe fabric from South Africa "Green Circles". Here, too, the circles are arranged evenly, but this time on a green background with brown and green circles. Since the fabric exudes a certain calm, it can safely be combined with another pattern fabric with similar colors. So here the circles form a great basis for great combinations for your next sewing work of art.

The aboriginal stuff "Seven Sisters Black"from Australia is not so colorful for once. But black and white is also a great color combination (yes, black and white are not colors, but still) and can be processed in a variety of ways. By the way: with the Aborigines, the circles in their designs often represent water holes.

At first glance you think: this is not a fabric with circles or dots, but if you take a closer look you will find the small round details. They complete the geometric pattern of diamonds perfectly. The name of the substance this is about?"Ocean Diamond", again a solid cotton fabric from South Africa.

The last beautiful fabric from today's series is "Yalke Red", also from Australia. Here you will find the most varied of circular shapes and the connection to nature clearly emerges from this. The fabric tells a very special story and comes with beautiful, soft tones that also illustrate the Aborigines' closeness to nature. Oh, beautiful!

Sewing ideas and inspiration

There are no limits at all when processing the great fabrics with dots and circles. They can be the basis for a great many things. But we would like you to use ours as a small source of inspiration free sewing instructions recommend. Among other things, you will find simple instructions there for sewing oven cloth or a Sleeping mask, for a restful sleep behind closed round (!) eyes. How fitting, right? For practical use, we recommend pattydoo's instructions for a Utensil in different sizes. Not round, but as we learned above, the circle is the basis for all geometric shapes. And now have fun sewing the dots and circles!


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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