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6 questions for Paul Kadjo

In our series of interviews, we will inform you about exciting, interesting and, above all, creative personalities. It doesn't matter whether you are a musician, designer or founder. We are about inspiration, fun and creativity. All of the personalities we interview have links to our work.

This time we introduce you to the young designer Paul Kadjo, who has used some of our fabrics for part of his new collection. The results are spectacular - see for yourself! 

For this shirt Paul used the Malaysian batik fabric "Pattani”Selected.

Who are you and what are you doing where?

I'm Paul Kadjo, 19 years old, half German and half Ivore. I am currently studying fashion design in the 3rd semester at the Akademie Mode & Design in Hamburg.


How did you come to this? 

It all started with the idea of ​​printing T-shirts and then selling them. For me, the idea of ​​“just printing” was quickly exhausted and I devoted myself to developing a piece of clothing. To do this, I borrowed my mother's household sewing machine and gradually taught myself to sew with clothes I had bought. I liked the idea that fashion is ultimately art that is created as a “building” around the human body. I've always loved to express myself artistically. This simple idea turned into a passion that will probably have stayed with me all my life.


What is special about your fashion / collections, what distinguishes it?

My label PROTOTYPE stands for exclusivity and eccentricity. As a prototype, each piece of clothing is unique in its design and number of pieces. I travel a lot and like to travel and very often, no matter where, I have the same picture in mind: young people and adults who all look alike in their style of clothing - like a copy of a copy. And many also spend huge amounts of money on it, mostly on simply processed and ridiculously printed items of clothing - mainly branded clothing. My fashion is a call to everyone who is ready to leave this comfort zone and not only want to stand out from the style of all the copies, but also want their clothes to be really good value for money.

For this shirt Paul used the Togolese batik fabric “Red Rose” and the Aboriginal fabric “Eucalyptus Leaves Red”Selected.

What do you like about our fabrics? Why did you choose these fabrics in the collection?

First of all, I have to mention that I was interested in direct trade and fair payment True Fabrics very like it. Together with the donation money, it is something that I support very much with every purchase that I would like to implement at PROTOTYPE one day. With regard to the fabrics, I like that they come from all over the world and that each fabric reflects the strength and liveliness of its origin through its colors and design. That's why I chose these fabrics. Because they spoke to me with their strength.


Which designers would you like to work with?

A collaboration with Rick Owens or Raf Simons is a dream that will probably remain a dream in this life. But I would also very much like to team up with designers who also subscribe to the idea of ​​the “counter-trend”. In addition, there are designers who fight the still strong racism around the world. I'm curious what the future will bring and open to every new contact.


What are you planning for the near future?

I am currently planning a collection that already uses the fabrics from True Fabrics has begun. Since I am currently alone behind PROTOTYPE and everything runs alongside my studies, the collection will be published piece by piece. I am also planning an online shop for the beginning of 2019 and hope to be able to reach more people in the near future, on the one hand to enlarge the imprint and on the other hand to be able to convince more people of my idea.

Thanks for the interview Paul!

For the skirt, Paul chose the Aboriginal fabric “Women Dreaming Burundi”. The Malaysian batik fabric for the shorts "Pattani".

If you want to see more of Paul's work, follow him Instagram!

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