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Sewing idea: sew a tunic from Aboriginal fabric yourself

"Only wear what really suits you and don't care if you are fashionable"(Vivienne Westwood)

With my new piece of clothing from the Australian department of True Fabrics, I actually do both: I wear something that suits me and I am very fashionable at the same time. 

But first to the fabric “Untitled Blue”: it is a pattern from the more than 50.000 year old tradition of the Aborigines, which is still alive today, processed into a tunic. A piece of clothing with an equally long European history, which extends from Roman antiquity to the Middle Ages. It was originally worn by women and men and in its 'beginnings' consisted of two rectangular pieces of fabric that were held together at the shoulders with brooches (clips / needles).

Nowadays, tunics are mainly worn by women. In the meantime, these are mostly longer, more casually cut tops. I decided to use the wonderfully light and fine (131 g / m2) cotton fabric “Untitled Blue” into a tunic.


The cut of the tunic

On the one hand I was looking for a cut on which the beautiful, interesting pattern could work well and on the other hand it should be a piece of clothing for the summer. As an initial cut, I have a fairly wide and simple cut of Burda style .

But then I found the pattern so interesting that I worked the trim differently, narrowed the sleeves a little and provided them with cuffs. And: there was still fabric left for a seam pocket. So I have the above cut with another of Burda style combined, whereby I also worked in the way that seemed best / most beautiful to me.

If you want to orientate yourself on another pattern for a tunic or if you want to sew it straight away, I warmly recommend the pattern from Elke pulse. The long sleeves and the special side seams also make this cut a really nice piece.


The fabric "Untitled Blue"

Striking and subtle at the same time, that's how I would describe this extraordinary pattern. It is quite regular in the reports, but there are also small deviations. It naturally looks more lively, but the workmanship requires a "love of detail".

However, this cotton fabric can be processed excellently, both when sewing and when ironing. What has not been mentioned so far is the beautiful blue of the fabric. A color that, in addition to the wide cut of the tunic, cools you down on hot summer days. 

My "Untitled Blue - Tunic" has a length that almost reaches my knee. So I can wear it as a short dress or as a tunic with trousers. And depending on the combination and accessories, this can be done from morning to evening and that all week.


This article was written by Claudia Möller.

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