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5 great sewing ideas for our batik fabrics from Togo

5 great sewing ideas for our batik fabrics from Togo

With batik, certain patterns and colors, maybe even something old-fashioned, are quickly combined. Batik can be staged great and is currently very much in trend. We want to prove this with our unique Batik fabrics from Togo. They come with the typical batik look and convince with an unbelievable diversity and their strong colors. Of course, special patterns also require special cuts and ideas so that they come into their own. Therefore, today we are introducing you to our most popular batik fabrics and delivering you a few great ones Sewing Ideas to. Let the inspiration work on you!

Our batik fabrics

The batik fabrics in our range come from Togo (and Malaysia - but more about that in a separate post), or more precisely: from the supplier Chantal and her social enterprise. There is much more to their fabrics than a refined piece of cotton. The fabrics are made in traditional Togolese handicrafts (see photos) and their patterns and colors reflect the cultural identity of the respective designers. In the dyeing and production of the fabrics, natural materials are mainly used, because the fabrics are 100% made of cotton.

Manufacturing isn't just about that Batik fabrics themselves, but also about the workers and designers. With the production of the fabrics and some products made from them (see photos), Chantal has not only created work for women, but has also founded a training center in which young women and girls learn the traditional craft, which ultimately enables them to earn a living. A really great thing that we are very happy to support. This also adds a social component to the fabrics. Because every fabric, even every meter, tells its own little story of its designer and of Togolese culture.

Sewing ideas for our batik fabrics

The special thing Batik fabrics is that they are so beautifully eye-catching because the colors really show off their patterns. However, that doesn't always make it easy to find a good idea. That's why we've collected a few for you. Our motto: what pleases is beautiful. Anything can arise from a great material.

In our Blogger's Choice article (here bloggers present their ideas for our fabrics) by DIY Mode you will find simple step-by-step instructions for a practical one makeup bag. Other uses of the bag are also possible, because any small items always have to be stowed away somehow and preferably pretty. We recommend the beautiful one as a suitable fabric "Diamond blue" and "Pigeon Times Blue". This is sure to create a great new cosmetic bag.

Of course, a light hippie look also goes wonderfully with our tie-dye fabrics, which we took into account in our second pattern recommendation. In the ebook "Rockbüxnyou will find brief instructions on how to sew wide bloomers. In our opinion the perfect cut for the fabric "Spirit rune blue".

Another sewing idea from our free sewing instructions is the Knot pocket, with your special handle or your closure a very special eye-catcher. It's best to take a look yourself. We recommend the pretty fabric for this "Jolie", it goes really well together.

Another very nice cut for the batik fabrics is our ebook for that "Wool utensil zero". Super suitable for the batik and knitting fans among you. Thanks to the large pattern for the front and back, the tie-dye pattern really comes into its own. Our favorite for it: "Color stains blue". You want to think of a suitable knitting project right away.

Currently very suitable for the hot summer weather and would also be an absolute eye-catcher Kimono jacket from the beautiful "Diamond Red". This creates a light, wide and therefore very airy jacket for the really hot days. For those who do not like to have bare shoulders, a very good cut.

More inspiration

You can find even more ideas about our fabrics under ours free sewing instructions or on ours Blog. You can also find more ideas on ours Pinterest page for tie-dye fabrics! Have a look and let yourself be inspired. 


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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Sewing fairy
4 years earlier

There are great ideas for working with batik fabrics and they are so beautifully colorful and eye-catching! 😀 I'll go looking for fabrics and try to learn to sew with these fabrics ... 🙂