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6 beautiful cotton fabrics for sewing clothes

Not every fabric is suitable for every cut, and not every fabric is suitable for clothing. There can be a lot of question marks in your head. We want to remedy this and this time we will show you our most beautiful cotton fabrics from our range, which are perfect for sewing clothes. We will also explain to you what you can or should also consider. And we admit that the current temperatures have inspired us a lot. If there is already fabric on the body, then also the really beautiful one!

Sew clothes yourself

If you would like to sew clothes yourself, you usually have the choice between two different directions for the cuts and fabrics. You can sew clothes very easily and simply from stretchable fabrics such as jersey or sweat. You don't usually have to work very precisely here, as the stretchy fabrics can be pulled together at the end. At the same time, sewing with stretchy fabrics also requires a little practice, so as a beginner you should definitely try out leftover pieces beforehand. Especially since you first have to set the correct setting of the stitch and thread tension on your sewing machine, because stretchy fabrics should also be sewn with stretchy stitches, for example a zigzag stitch or the triple stitch. Alternatively, you can also use an overlock machine.

The second option for sewing clothes is sewing with woven, non-stretchable fabrics, as you can also find them in our range. Since the fabrics are not stretchy, the garment cannot simply be pulled over the head. You notice that you have to work a little more precisely here, but this is usually done by the cut. When sewing with cotton fabrics, there are simply a few more refinements. But don't worry, this doesn't mean a distinction between easy and difficult. Sewing just takes practice and you will surely find many great sewing patterns for both variants that challenge your level of difficulty. When choosing a cut, be sure to pay attention to the type of fabric for which the pattern was designed, you can usually find the information in the information on the cut, such as fabric consumption or the like.

Another point, in addition to choosing the right sewing pattern, for sewing clothing made of cotton fabrics is that cotton fabrics should be overcast, as the open edges can fray. If the fabric of your choice is fraying a lot, you should already overcast the pattern pieces before sewing them together. You can do this with a simple and tightly set zigzag stitch on your sewing machine or with the overlock machine. 

Clothing fabrics from our assortment

In order to make your decision a little easier, we have rummaged through our range and selected our most beautiful cotton fabrics from which you can sew beautiful items of clothing. Decisive when choosing: fabric quality, colors and patterns. Because in the end a new favorite should be created, right?

Eucalyptus Leaves Red from Australia: No, don't worry, the fabric is not the first messenger for autumn, even if the leaves are so beautifully designed in red. And like you in the Blogger's Choise Edition for the Acton dress Dress, this material is perfect for a dress and for so many other items of clothing.

My Country Utopia Pink from Australia: The pattern shows the wonderful landscape of Australia in its mythological meaning. The design of the Aboriginal fabric represents the time when the ancestors of the Aborigines invented everything that is still needed today. A really powerful yet calm design. A piece of clothing made from this dream fabric is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher without fading everything.

Women Colletcting Water Purple from Australia: The title of the fabric already reveals it, in the pattern itself one must first come up with the idea of ​​what exactly it should represent. But yes, the classic design from Australia shows seated women at water holes between bush fruits and flowers. And in such beautiful colors.

Sea of ​​Flowers Red from Ghana: A sea of ​​flowers, that's exactly what the fabric is all about. The light cotton fabric comes with strong colors, this fabric is sure to create an absolute eye-catcher. Maybe a blouse or even pants? Oh, we're already dreaming ...

Blue Fish from Togo: The batik fabric exudes a touch of cooling. At the temperatures (30 degrees +) exactly the right thing. Because in a piece of clothing made of this great material you are swimming in the sea, not alone, but with fish, but they are definitely very peaceful!

Caribbean ivy from Togo: Translated, the title of this design means “Caribbean ivy”, a very interesting name for this dream in green. Just like ivy, only somehow different. So if you like to dress in beautiful colors of nature, you should definitely choose the batik fabric from Togo. Or is it not?

Free sewing instructions for clothes

For a little inspiration on what can be sewn from our beautiful cotton fabrics, you should definitely check out ours free sewing instructions some browsing. There is sure to be something for everyone. You can also find a few instructions for sewing clothes there, such as the aforementioned Acton Dress. At Funkelfaden you can read how you can sew a skirt with folds. Or you can simply style an old shirt according to the instructions for the upcycling shirt. Your creativity knows no bounds.


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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