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Sew high quality fabrics for bags

Sew high quality fabrics for bags

For some, sewing a bag is a great beginner's project, for others, it's a scary project. Mostly it depends on how you started sewing. It is from shoppers to Bucket bag leads over backpack Everything is possible when sewing yourself and something is guaranteed for every level of difficulty. In order to encourage you a little and to anticipate any questions, this time we will show you everything you should consider when choosing the fabric for your next bag project. Of course, we will also introduce you to our favorite fabrics from our range, which are perfect for bags in a wide variety of designs. Let's go!

Sewing your own tobacco pouch from African fabric

The perfect bag fabric

The perfect one Pocket fabric Above all, it should be of high quality and robust, because a bag has to be able to withstand a lot. The demands on the fabric are therefore very high. A firm, tightly woven fabric works best. If you choose 100% cotton, the colors and shapes will be retained for a long time. You can also wash your bag if necessary.

If you have fallen in love immortally with a rather soft, light cotton fabric, you can additionally reinforce the fabric with a firm iron-on insert or volume fleece. The advantage of this is that your bag can gain a firm footing and the contents are protected even better. Fixed ironing inserts, such as Decovil Light and volume fleece, for example H630, are available in different thicknesses. Some are ironed on, as the name suggests, or sewn on or sewn in. With the ironing insert, however, washing is usually no longer possible, as the adhesive could come off.

The combination with other fabrics and bag accessories is of course up to your own preferences, but make sure that your combination fabric is of a similar quality to your bag fabric. This way they can be sewn together well and there are no nasty surprises in the end, because one of the fabrics is too thin and therefore not strong enough.

Woven fabrics are suitable for sewing bags. Stretchy fabrics can also change the result. If there are open edges when sewing, you should overcast the seam allowance with a zigzag stitch or an overlock seam so that the fabric does not fray.

our bestsellers

Sew our fabrics for bags

In our range, you can use the material specifications as a guide when choosing your bag fabric, so medium-weight to heavy cotton fabrics are just right for sewing a great new bag.

Kathmandu Spirit Manma from Nepal: Of course ours are beautiful Woven fabrics from Nepal and Guatemala perfect for bags and backpacks. Thanks to the traditional weaving technique with dyed yarn, a solid fabric with colorful patterns is created. At the same time, the fabric looks a bit coarse, is still very soft to the touch and, with its ethnic look, is perfect for your next sewing idea.

TruePattern from South Africa: The Shweshwe fabrics are also very solid and simply convince with their patterns. With copper pipe printing, diverse patterns are applied to the fabrics, which are downright fascinating. In any case, your new bag doesn't need a lot of frills to convince!

Shamrock Art from Ghana: The Fancy print comes with a pattern of circles and dots and, together with the colors, is a little reminiscent of the curtains from the 70s, almost a little retro.

Pigeon Tiles Blue from Togo: For those who like things a little more subdued, the blue and white batik fabric from Togo is the right choice. Nevertheless, it convinces with a great geometric pattern in a traditional batik look.

Blue Circles from South Africa: Also a Shweshwe fabric, only in a more inconspicuous and yet powerful pattern. The quality of the fabric is reminiscent of sturdy canvas or denim, which is why the fabric is also called "South Africa's denim". The right fabric for a bag that has to withstand a lot.

Cote Azure from Togo: With this fabric you make a decent statement because of the color, because the bag is sure to attract attention. The beautiful batik pattern is created with different shades of red and is wonderfully suitable for your next shoulder bag. Or a gym bag? A small ironing bag? A big backpack? Oh, so many ideas ...

Even more inspiration

For even more ideas have a look at ours free sewing lines and let yourself be inspired. There you will find several instructions for sewing bags and maybe your next project will be there. How about, for example, a small version of the Bucket bags, or as big as you want it to be? But maybe you also feel like the beautiful one Knot pocket according to instructions from Katiela, which are practically closed with a refined detail. And if you feel like sewing a bag in a different shape, you can simply sew a round one Drum bag according to our instructions? So do you feel the inspiration?


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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