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5 adorable sewing patterns for large fabric samples

Fabrics with large motifs require a few points during processing that you should pay attention to. After all, the beautiful motif should really come into its own. If it is simply swallowed up by the cut, that would be a shame. That's why we scoured our own collection and the internet for the perfect sewing patterns where large fabric samples really come into their own. We will also tell you what you should consider when cutting. Do you have an idea?

Sewing with large patterns

The perfect pattern for large repeats (patterns) brings this to bear of course really well. It should be a cut without a lot of frills, so that it is neither bulky nor distracting too much from the fabric, because this is clearly the heart of many sewing works. So cuts with individual large pattern parts and little planned dividing seams are well suited. Should be combined great pattern preferably with plain-colored fabrics, maybe you have one that reproduces a color from the pattern, this creates a great symbiosis. Contrasts, on the other hand, would only distract, similar to too many decorations. This would create too much restlessness, so it is better to reduce yourself to a few things.

However, the choice of fabric and pattern does not end the work with large fabric samples, because there are a few things you should pay attention to when cutting. Make sure that the edges that later meet directly are also cut to the same height. For example, place the front and back pieces at the same height on the lower edge of the fabric and cut accordingly. In the end, edges and patterns can come together well. The same also applies to the cutting of striped fabrics. It is better to use more needles than too few when sewing or when assembling the respective pattern pieces so that the fabric cannot slip under the machine when sewing. In the end, such a great piece with a pretty and large pattern can be created that perfectly highlights your sewing skills and the beauty of the lush rapports.

Pattern for large fabric samples

From theory to practice: here are a few wonderful and enchanting patterns together with a selection of our most beautiful large ones Fabric samples.

Summer dress "Svenja" from pattydoo: Of course, a maxi pattern just goes perfectly with a maxi dress. at pattydoo do you find that Pattern "Svenja" in the shop, there are also instructions on how to use the dress as a Maxi version can sew. We dream of a Svenja from the great "Bush Tucker After Rain Purple“Fabric from Australia. It is made of very soft, light cotton that goes perfectly with summer and a wonderful maxi dress. Or what do you think?

"Sylvie" trousers from the couture: Of course, patterns also look wonderful on the legs. Have you already sewn a pair of pants? Yes?! How about a new one? Or rather no? Then it is definitely time to do the time. The patterns of the fashion You can order ebooks or paper cuts, the individual steps are described in detail and your new favorite trousers are created step by step. Maybe from our beautiful fabric "Fresh Life After Rain Black“? This fabric also comes from Australia again and impresses with its subtle colors in different shades of blue. The fabric and the cut are sure to result in a chic and elegant version of the pattern.  

"Jumpsuit W 10.1" from fashionmakery: As an alternative to the dress and also perfect for summer and large fabric samples is a Jumpsuit, for example that of fashionmaking. With the right cut, a few dividing seams create the perfect presentation of your favorite pattern and a new piece of clothing at the same time. In our opinion, the great "Pink sunrise“From Ghana perfect for this. It looks slightly playful with its colors and just really nice pink. Again, it is made of light cotton.

Backpack "pakke" from Kreativlabor Berlin: Of course, large patterns can also be sewn for practical accessories, such as a large backpack. The ebook from Creative laboratory Berlin comes with different variants and is a really great way to combine fabric love with practical use. We would make our favorite everyday companion out of the great material "Spirit rune blue“Sew from Togo. Thanks to the large pattern pieces, the fabric pattern comes into its own here.

Totebag based on a tutorial by Fredi von Seemansgarn: If you prefer a handbag or just don't want to decide, you can get one Tote bag sew. Fredi from the blog Sailor's yarn explains to you in your free tutorial how you sew the practical companion. Our recommended fabric: "Crazy Stripes Green“From Ghana. This creates a real eye-catcher. You will definitely attract attention.

More inspiration

With us, too, you can find suitable inspirations among the free instructions for sewing with large swatches of fabric. With the pattern "Jungle dress“You are not doing anything wrong either. Or you can sew your favorite fabric pattern into a beautiful one gym bag. For slightly smaller sewing projects, we recommend the instructions for the little ones Purse. Few seams are a great way to present larger patterns. Don't you think so too?


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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