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Sewing idea: sew shopper and jacket out of ethnic woven fabrics

What from our woven fabrics everything can be sewn, we show you in different formats and examples. Today we're going to introduce you to some great ones Sewing Ideas for our woven ethnic fabrics from Nepal and Guatemala, which we created in collaboration with our favorite blog pattydoo have arisen. The patterns come from pattydoo, which is also where Lamise comes from, who has chosen her favorite fabrics from our range in order to implement the cuts. Curious? Then let's get started!

Shopper Mia by pattydoo

One pattern that Lamise chose is the free one Shopper Mia from pattydoo. Combined with a cork fabric, as made here, the practical companion becomes an absolute eye-catcher. Lamise created two beautiful shoulder bags from our fabrics. A variant from the material "Water"From Guatemala and another from the material"Spirit Rova“From Nepal. Both fabrics come into their own wonderfully and turn the shopper into real unique items that you won't see on the street so quickly. It is precisely the combination of the different structures that makes the sewn work so exciting.

You can download the free pattern from the pattydoo shop, print it out and get started. For the Mia shopper, according to the variants presented here, you need approx. 30 cm of the woven fabric of your choice. You can combine the fabric for the outer pocket with cork, Releda or another sturdy bag fabric. You can read all further information on fabric consumption, other materials and which sewing steps you have to go in the sewing instructions from pattydoo. 

Blouson jacket Janice by pattydoo

With the right cut, our Woven fabrics can of course also be sewn into clothing. According to the ebook of "Janice" hooded jacket together with the free add-on Lamise made two great blousons under the machine. The fabrics "Spirit Rova", As also for the shopper Mia, and"Spirit Black & White". The result: two wonderful new favorites!

The “Janice” cut is designed for stretchy fabrics, so you should Woven combine with a suitable fabric. Here, too, you can read all the material information and materials in the ebook. For the variant of the blouson jacket from pattydoo with our Woven As in the example, you need approx. 80 cm, the fabric information refers to the length of the front parts in size 38 with a slight addition. The blouson jacket in the pictures corresponds to this size, but has been lengthened by 8 cm on the front, back and the receipt. That's the great thing about doing it yourself, in just a few steps you can customize pattern pieces and create new, individual favorite pieces of clothing according to your ideas.

You can of course also find this pattern in the shop at pattydoo, you can download the add-on for free with additional pattern pieces as a freebie in the blog. In addition, there is a great sewing video for the cut, with which you can easily understand the various steps.

Our woven fabrics from Nepal and Guatemala

Our Woven fabrics are handcrafted in Nepal and Guatemala. From dyed yarn, great ethnic patterns in many different colors and patterns are created on the hand loom. The fabric has a certain strength and is particularly robust. Nevertheless, they are wonderfully soft to the touch, which is why they are always a great choice for bags, jackets or home textiles.

Our woven fabrics

More inspiration

Did you like Lamise's sewing ideas from pattydoo and you want more? In our Blog and under Sewing Ideas You will find further inspiration, of course not only for our woven fabrics, but also for the other fabrics from our range. Have fun browsing!

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Karen Kirste
Karen Kirste
5 years earlier

Sewing the jacket from the Nepal fabrics is a really great idea! I'll remember that ?