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The most popular woven fabrics from our range

Whether for sewing beginners or sewing professionals, Fabrics are always the central theme when sewing. It's not just about colors and patterns, but also about different qualities and the question of what is particularly suitable for which project. However, material science can be quite complex and in the end the motto “try AND study” applies a bit. To do this, just touch the material to get a feel for the feel, look closely at how it has been processed and read the instructions and ebooks to find out which fabric each cut is suitable for. With this knowledge, at the end of a sewing project, a result is created as you wish. As a little help and to bring you our fabrics closer to home, we provide our most popular Woven fabrics before. Of course, we will also explain to you what the textiles are all about and what you can use them for particularly well. 

Fabric science: woven fabric 

In itself, the term "woven fabric" is somewhat ambiguous. It is generally used for woven fabrics made of cotton or other materials. The term can be used to differentiate between stretchable and non-stretchable fabrics, because non-stretchable fabrics are included woven using different techniques, stretch fabrics are knitted on the other hand. This can be seen in the structure of the fabrics, which you can usually see on closer inspection. In woven fabrics, threads are usually interwoven in two different directions. This is why these fabrics are not stretchable. Fabrics such as jersey or sweat usually have a front and back, the fabric structure is a fine or coarse knitting pattern. These fabrics are therefore stretchable.  

Woven fabrics come in a wide variety of designs and qualities, such as poplin (solid material made of pure cotton), microfiber (consisting of thin synthetic fibers) or canvas (very solid cotton material), to name just a few. A distinction is made between light, medium and heavy fabrics. In general, woven fabrics are easy and simple to process, some have their own firm footing, but must be overcast if there are open edges, as they can easily fray at cut edges. The fabrics are actually used for everything. Woven fabrics are suitable for clothing, home textiles and bags of all kinds. For your special project you should definitely think about what the material should and should be able to withstand. But medium-weight woven fabrics in particular can be used for a lot. 

Our woven fabrics

What we do with our most popular Woven fabrics think is the special quality and design of the fabrics, of which you can find hand-woven variants from Nepal and Guatemala in the shop. The fabrics with their colors and patterns reflect the cultural history of the respective producers and are still made according to traditional craftsmanship. While many patterns are printed on fabrics using different techniques, as is the case with our batik fabrics, for example, the colorful pattern is woven directly into the handloom here. This creates beautiful, robust, firm and easy-to-use fabrics with colorful patterns. The fabrics themselves are pleasantly soft to the touch and are particularly suitable for bags, rucksacks, seat cushions or jackets. 

Here is a selection of our most popular Woven fabrics in our selection: 

Spirit Khumung, Nepal: With its colors, the fabric is very reminiscent of the four elements. One can recognize the earth, the water, the air and the fire in them, if you want - but without a doubt a wonderful color combination.

Water, Guatemala: The woven fabric from Guatemala, on the other hand, only uses two colors. The main color is a beautiful blue that goes slightly into turquoise. Contrasting color is a dark gray shade that forms the subtle pattern. The fabric is very soft and is very suitable for pillows of all kinds, among other things. 

Spirit Rivers, Nepal: The second fabric from Nepal is also one of the more subtle variants. A great pattern is created with simple vertical stripes in different colors. 

Spirit Maila, Nepal: This fabric looks very warm due to its color combination of red and yellow tones and is most reminiscent of its origin. 

Spirit Rainbow Road, Nepal: The name says it all, because the beautiful fabric contains so many colors from the rainbow without being too colorful. 

Matching sewing instructions

Of course, we also have free instructions and ebooks to match the fabric selection, because we don't just want to inform, but also to inspire. You will find two great ideas for hand-woven fabrics among our free sewing instructions. For example the pretty and comfortable seat cushions made of agua fabric. Or how about a new backpack following the instructions for the Backpack Balte? Both are definitely great sewing ideas for the fabrics and we have already sewn something out of the Nepalese fabrics among the ebooks. in the Ebook "Rucksack Furl" You will get detailed instructions with lots of photos and of course the cut. Inspired?


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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