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Learn 10 sewing patterns

Sewing is simply one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world. You can be incredibly creative and productive at the same time. Everyone around you will be amazed at what you have sewn so great and wonder how you could do it. Or are you still the ones who are amazed at the moment, but actually want to start sewing and just don't know how to start Learn to sew? We can help you with that, because sewing is not as complicated as it might appear from the outside. That's why we're introducing you to ten patterns that are absolutely suitable for beginners and easy to implement, but which produce a quick and wonderful result. It is amazing what is possible with just a few simple steps. Once you have understood the first small refinements, the wide world of the Patterns and Sewing instructions open minded. There is actually nothing that you cannot sew with great joy and enthusiasm. No matter if bags, clothes or home textiles, once started nothing is guaranteed to be safe from you. 

Learn to sew

With the Internet you have an incredible number of paid and free instructions to disposal. No matter what you want to sew, you are sure to find suitable instructions. However, keeping track of things is not that easy, especially as a beginner to sew. That is why we searched the shallows of the internet for you, read a lot, tried a few things and gave a few sewing instructions the seal “suitable for beginners”.

In the instructions you can not only read how to implement the respective work on the sewing machine, but you can also find some Patterns and get the first basic and specialist knowledge about sewing. The patterns in our selection are all free of charge. You can simply print them out at home or in the copy shop.

Sewing patterns for beginners

Sewing instructions neck pillow: On Ms. Schreiner's blog you will find great instructions for a practical neck pillow. The cut is available in three different sizes. He is for Woven fabrics suitable and is therefore also perfect for our fabrics. You can download the instructions and cut for free and then read step by step how the beautiful pillow is made.

Sewing instructions for mini bags: A small bag can be created from two rectangles in just a few steps. You can find the exact dimensions in the instructions. The material consumption is particularly suitable for beginners, because you don't need a lot of fabric for a mini bag according to the instructions from the blog DIYmode. So if something goes wrong, don't panic and just try again. The mini bag is also a great gift idea.

Sewing instructions cushions in different shapes: Pillows are generally a great project to start with. Not many seams lead to a quick result, great joy against potential frustration. Square pillows are particularly easy to convert, but you don't have to be afraid of different shapes either. In the sewing instructions you will find templates for a total of four shapes (circle, crescent, drop and house).

Video instructions with pattern

Video instructions for summer shorts: As a sewing beginner, you should definitely take a look around the pattydoo blog, where all ideas and cuts are implemented in such a way that you can learn to sew with them. In keeping with the current weather and because bags are not only suitable for learning to sew, you should definitely take a look at the pattern for the summer shorts "Flora". And don't be afraid of the pretty curved edge, Ina explains you step by step how it works.

Video tutorial Shopper Wendy: You can also easily sew large bags yourself. And as with the shorts, Ina explains how to do it in these instructions. In addition, the shopper is wonderfully suitable for our fabrics, because the beautiful patterns really come into their own.

Video tutorial loop: Another item of clothing, but this time for the neck. The instructions from DIYeule do without a cut, because it consists or is made of only four rectangular pieces of fabric, which can create great fabric combinations. And a self-sewn loop like this is particularly good at keeping you warm.

Learn our sewing instructions

Sewing instruction bag: You can also find on our site at Sewing Ideas good sewing instructions for beginners. Although sewn in with a zipper, the simple bag is a great beginner's project. Because honestly, you should face the potential feared opponent “zip” right at the beginning. Really, trust yourself and you will see, it really is not that difficult.

Sewing instructions for the drawstring bag: The bag only needs a few seams and with the option of sewing a drawstring as described here, you have learned something new again that can be applied to other sewing ideas.   

Sewing instructions knot pocket: The great knot bag from Katiela is a real eye-catcher and is also sewn in just a few simple steps. You can simply download the pattern for this and implement it with your favorite fabric almost immediately.

Sewing instructions bucket bag: The pretty bucket bag is also wonderfully suitable for beginners. A completely different pocket shape is created here. The only big challenge may be the patience you need to attach the eyelets. But the same applies here: if you learn it right at the beginning, it will be easier later. So go ahead, get on the sewing machine!

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