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Sewing idea: sew a dress from Australian cotton fabric

Sewing idea: sew a dress from Australian cotton fabric

As soon as the sun lets out its warm rays, many summer dresses finally see the light of day again after a long hibernation. It is wonderful how the streets fill with bright and muted colors, with large or small patterns. Of course, it is most beautiful when you mingle with people yourself with a specially sewn dress. Since the variety of beautiful fabrics and great cuts is almost impossible to overlook, today we are showing you one of our favorite sewing projects, sewn from the Aboriginal fabric “Roots & Seeds” and the pattern Tanja von Schnittchen Pattern.

The pattern Tanja 

From the Pattern Tanja you sew yourself a fabulous tulip dress. We especially like the cap sleeves and the pleated skirt on the dress. Depending on your taste, you can also sew the dress with long sleeves, but it definitely has a zipper. The cut is from Sandwich pattern, one of our favorite pattern shops on the internet.

The pattern is easy to work with. It is not necessarily recommended for complete beginners, as a certain level of skill is quite helpful. But it shouldn't be a problem for people with “middle maturity” at the sewing machine who have already worked with a pattern one time or another. In terms of difficulty, Schnittchen itself awards 3 out of 5 points.

As you can see in the photos, the dress looks really chic with its tailored cut. The unusual, but not too conspicuous fabric makes it wearable for other occasions as well. The folds of the skirt fall nice and soft and bring a little "movement" into the matter. We think it's a real eye-catcher all in all!


The fabric "Roots & Seed"

The wonderful fabric “Roots & Seeds Green” is designed by the Aboriginal artist Rosemary Pitjara. The strong olive green base color combined with the brown circles and white dots together create a great effect. “Roots & Seeds”, translated as “Roots & Seeds”, picks up on the connection between the Aborigines and nature.

Most Aboriginal designs tell a Dreamtime story. According to Aboriginal mythology, dreamtime is the time when the world was still “dark”. It's not a religion or a cult; Rather, it's the way of life - a philosophy of life. Therefore, traditions such as body painting or the corroboree dance are strictly followed by the Aborigines. The indigenous people used to be nomads and roamed the country; They collected food from nature by hunting and gathering, but did nothing that would harm nature.

Therefore, “Roots & Seeds” are of great importance to the Aborigines, as they provide for life over different generations. The roots that give hold in the here and now and the seeds from which new life can emerge, which will later be firmly anchored in the ground with its own roots. This particular story is behind the fabric.

Incidentally, we were able to see for ourselves at the sewing fair in Hamburg that this goes really well with the cut and is very well received. We exhibited the sample dress at the booth and by the first morning the fabric and all the patterns we had brought with us were sold out.

Do you want more sewing ideas?

Now you probably want to get started right away and sew your own dress. We think: a good idea! But if you are still in the mood for more sewing ideas, then take a look at ours free sewing instructions for the summer Dress "Djungel Dress" which was created in cooperation with Brigitte Kreativ. You can also find in the section Blogger's Choice a few more good ideas, such as the dress “The Acton”.

If you do not have that much experience and are only just learning to sew, we definitely recommend an easy start, for example by taking a Sew pillows learn. The linked blog article gives you useful tips. Suitable free pillow sewing instructions You can of course also find a number of them with us unique fabrics from around the world. If Ethnic fabrics, Batik fabrics, organic cotton fabrics or Fashion fabrics, there is a lot in it. So, let's get to the sewing machine. 

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