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Colorful spring fabrics to fall in love with

Colorful spring fabrics to fall in love with

Spring. Finally the days are getting longer again, the temperatures are rising and this unique blaze of color arises around us. After a long winter it's finally getting colorful again. Especially in this year, when spring literally broke out of the remnants of winter, you could suddenly enjoy the many colors of spring in all their glory. Spring - so beautiful. We have our favorite and colorful ones so that it can spread not only outside, but also with you Fabrics, suitable for spring, selected. Because the spring-like atmosphere should also be reflected in your self-sewn works. With our Fabrics You simply get the spring under the sewing machine and provide a little variety after the long gray winter.

The perfect spring fabric - our fabric recommendations

The perfect spring fabric is of course colorful, because it blooms everywhere and the many great colors should also show in the fabric. And which Fabric samples do we want to see the most? Flowers and flowers in various colors and lots of green. Because what represents spring more than the color green in its various facets, just like in nature. Oh, that's the mood. Can you also hear the lovely chirping of birds?


Pattani, Malaysia: What makes this fabric the perfect spring fabric is of course the great pattern: flowers. They always go in spring. The fabric is made with a special batik technique in Malaysia, consists of 100% cotton and is therefore wonderfully suitable for bags and textile decoration.


Dancing Spirit Green, Australia: With the Australian cotton fabric, the focus is on the color green, it is strongly reminiscent of the first lush green in spring that is created by rain and the first warm temperatures. Really springtime. Since this is a particularly light and soft cotton, this fabric is also wonderfully suitable for various clothing. Maybe a spring-like and really eye-catching shirt?



Maharadja, India: The organic cotton fabric comes from India, is handcrafted there and is also a light and soft cotton fabric, just right for sewing skirts, blouses or whatever you can think of. Definitely a good choice for your new favorite spring clothing item.



Plum And Bush Banana Black, Australia: A quick look at the fabric and you immediately have a large and colorful flowering bed in front of your eyes. The only difference is that your fingers stay clean when sewing, because the flowers don't have to be planted out first. The Australian fabric definitely proves that the Aborigines can also capture spring in a very special way. How about a great spring-like bag made of the fabric?



Crazy Stripes Orange, Ghana: Perhaps not an obvious spring-like fabric at first glance, but sewn and correctly combined, it clearly radiates a very special freshness. Just something different, even in spring. And these colors! Because yes, the perfect spring fabric is what you make of it.



Jolie, Togo: "It's so green ...", clearly a possible motto for this material. It looks quite simple and is also the right choice for all those for whom it shouldn't be quite so colorful and gaudy. Because spring also works very simply. The soft batik fabric from Togo is wonderfully suitable for various home textiles and bags.  



Phandana, India: The perfect fabric for your spring-like outfit, not too colorful and still beautiful. The organic cotton fabric is also particularly light and airy. Exactly the right choice of fabric for a piece of clothing to really celebrate the first warm days.



Wild Flora Baby Blue, Australia: A quick look at the large number of flowers in the pattern invites you to sew. How about a pretty shoulder bag or an airy transition jacket? A large shopper or would you prefer a small bag? We really think that with this material, the ideas just tumble out of your head. Or what do you say?




In addition to the fabrics, the sewing project should of course also be particularly spring-like. Because after the long winter we just feel like doing something new. It needs a little inspiration. Among ours free sewing instructions or ours Ebooks with pattern you will find a lot of great ideas. Maybe you feel like one Upcycling shirt to design? In the free instructions you will find various ideas, so you will be shown there how to spice up your shirt with a breast pocket.

If you don't like it so noticeable at first, you might want to get one belts to sew by yourself. It's a very discreet eye-catcher, a touch of spring, so to speak. And above all: have you ever sewn a belt? Also on ours Blog can you do some great Sewing Ideas Find. There you can read, for example, how to get one airy skirt is sewn from the beautiful Indian organic cotton fabric, because both the skirt and the fabric have already received our spring seal. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun sewing and the many bright colors!


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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