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Sew 6 wonderful fabrics for the pillow

Sew 6 wonderful fabrics for the pillow

Sewing a pillow sounds like an easy task; good exercise for Beginners to sew. It is, because it leads to a good first sense of achievement. If you want it to be more demanding, you can simply increase the level of difficulty and let your creativity run free. Either way, one Sew pillows is definitely not boring and possible in many variants: with just one fabric, with a combination fabric or even with many fabrics and patchwork. For the first or new idea, we will introduce you to our most beautiful fabrics and on top of that there are a few practical tips on the subject, because pillows are not the same as pillows and fabric is not the same as fabric.

Choice of fabric

As with so many Sewing Ideas When it comes to implementation, the first thing on the list is the choice of fabric. There are a few things to consider, because you should be clear about what should be done with the pillow in the end. How much does it have to endure? Seat cushions or pillows? Should it be suitable for outside? Do you cuddle with it a lot? Or is it just for adornment? Lots of questions, lots of answers. But what exactly makes the perfect fabric for a pillow? What does the material have to be able to do? One thing is certain: in the end, your work should of course last a long time and shine for a long time in terms of shape and color. 

No matter what you want to use your pillow for, the fabric should definitely be a bit more robust. Fine fabrics in particular would not last long in everyday use and that would be a shame given all the effort. Therefore it is best to choose woven ones cotton fabrics, because these are usually soft enough to put your head on. Oilcloth or coated cotton or firmly woven canvas are also suitable for seat or outdoor cushions. Both fabrics can withstand a lot.

Large-area patterns are particularly suitable for pillows, because they really come into their own on the large areas. Of course, small patterns also fit, especially if you want to patchwork a pillowcase, for example. Regardless of whether it is large or small, subtle colors are recommended, as such a gaudy sofa cushion can very quickly become the absolute focal point in the room. Of course, that's a matter of taste. So when it comes to colors, choose what you like and whatever suits your purpose.

Sew our fabric recommendations for pillows

Shweshwe Fireworks Orange & Fireworks Yellow, South Africa: Unique cotton fabric with traditional designs. Shweshwe is the “denim of South Africa” and is part of the country's cultural identity. The fabrics combine strong colors with fine patterns in a unique way and are a very special eye-catcher on your couch. The bright orange also looks particularly beautiful in combination with a yellow Shweshwe fabric. See our photos.

Shweshwe fabric cushion cover - Fireworks Yellow & Orange

Shweshwe Circular Flower, South Africa: Also sew a wonderful fabric for the pillow. Its wide-area mandala pattern comes into its own with self-sewn pillowcases. By the way, the South African Shweshwe fabrics are not only pleasantly soft, but also relatively robust. They are therefore also ideal for seat cushions or upholstery covers, for example for chairs and stools.

Brolga Life Blue, Australia: Perhaps at first glance this fabric is not exactly typically Australian and definitely unique, but that's why it promises a special look for your new pillow and is therefore perfectly suitable. It is also particularly soft. So if you like it golden, you can turn this fabric into a real eye-catcher.

Purple Pyramid, Togo: The large, slightly geometric pattern of the batik fabric from Togo also fits on the couch, in the garden or even as a travel pillow for camping. Like all selected fabrics, it is made of 100% cotton and is particularly easy to care for.

Kente Print Aayana, Ghana: Bright, bright colors and symbolic geometric patterns: these are our original ones Kente print fabrics from Ghana. The fabric Aayana in blue and yellow, like all our Ghana fabrics, is made of high quality and pure cotton. It's 100% “made in Ghana”, a great design for a pillow case. 

Penang, Malaysia: The great batik fabric from Malaysia impresses with its elegant restraint in gray with a graphic pattern and a cuddly cotton fabric. Super suitable for the couch or bed, it can create an oasis of calm when mixed with other colorful fabrics.

For the details

There are actually no limits to the design of your pillow. For example, you can decorate your work with a wide variety of ribbons. Trims, piping tapes or woven ribbons are wonderfully suitable. Trims or piping bands are simply sewn in, give the seams a certain stand and therefore particularly emphasize the shape of the pillow. You can simply sew on woven ribbons as you wish, just as it suits you.

You can also make other decorations with high-contrast sewing thread and / or decorative stitching. Most sewing machines have this. Be sure to try this out beforehand on a test piece so that you can find the right setting for the thread tension and the stitch length.

Combining it with other fabrics, for example plain-colored, makes your pillow unique. You can easily differentiate between the front and back or refine the look with diagonal cuts. Here you can really let your creativity run wild.

Filling for your pillow

There are two different methods of filling. Of course, you can get a pillow in different shapes and sizes and simply sew a suitable cover for it. You should also think about the closure so that a simple change of the cover, for example for washing, is easy. Here you can usually choose between buttons, zippers or the hotel fastener.

With the second method, you can freely choose the filling and thus also the shape of your pillow. There are different options depending on the use.

Filling: These are usually available in packages of different sizes. There are some made of synthetic material, but mostly also made of cotton. The filling is also easy to wash. If the pillow is also used by children, you should also ensure that the filling can be put into the mouth (the filling should always be tightly closed and sewn!). You can usually read this in the product descriptions or there are various certificates for this.

Styrofoam pellets: Particularly suitable for seat cushions or yoga cushions, as the beads are absolutely light and very durable. The beads are also usually available in different sized packages. However, they do require a bit of patience because they are so light that they like to fly far around and don't like to be picked up at all. The material is also not particularly ecological or sustainable.

Foam: Practical for seat cushions, foam sheets are available in different sizes and thicknesses and simply have to be sewn, whether with a cover or sewn in directly. There are now natural alternatives.

Natural materials: Various materials that can be easily warmed up in the microwave or oven are suitable for a heat cushion. Here you can, for example, use cherry stones, spelled stones and even rapeseed. Remember that the materials have a certain smell of their own. Rice can also be used as a filling, and due to its weight, it is particularly suitable for doorstop cushions and smaller seat cushions.


Now would you like to get started right away and sew a great pillow from your favorite fabric? Then take a look at our free instructions. There you will find, among other things, sewing instructions for a seat cushion with a bobble border, which you can easily sew in your desired dimensions. In another tutorial, we will show you how you can decorate a large pillow with strips of fabric. And if you just want to sew a pillowcase, you will also find instructions under Inspiration.

In any case, we think: You can't have enough pillows, if only because of their cosiness. A whole bed full of self-sewn pillows, we would definitely throw ourselves in there immediately. So off to the sewing machine.


The article was written by Svenja Habermann

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