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Sewing for Beginners: 7 Essential Websites for Quick Learning

Are you a beginner in sewing and looking for good things that will simplify the start of your first sewing project and bring you quick learning success? Then you are exactly right here. We have put together a comprehensive selection of the best websites for beginners that leave no questions unanswered. Whether tips and tricks, sewing videos, experience reports or explanations of terms and various techniques, this list contains everything you need to become familiar with the topic, to achieve effective learning progress and to get started quickly.

YouTube videos for beginners compiled by Sewsimple

SewsimpleSewsimple has put together a selection of the 5 best You Tube videos for learning to sew. The topic is examined in full - with everything a beginner needs to know. It starts with a video on the topic Sewing utensils, ie sewing machine, cutter and whatever else you need. 

The second video explains you Functions of a sewing machine. In logical order, the next You Tube “bestseller” deals with the question of how to get your own Fabric is best preparedhow to distinguish the left from the right and much more. The fourth video is a Basic cutting course of fabrics. Last but not least, of course, a suggestion for first sewing project not missing, which is why the fifth video revolves around such a project. You will find out what it is here.

In conclusion, it remains to be saidn: an absolute insider tip for all the visually gifted among you!


The sewing tips and the sewing dictionary from Pattydoo

Of course, a page should not be missing if you are engaged in the hobby of sewing and that is Pattydoo! Here you will find an overwhelming selection of patterns, sewing projects, sewing videos, a pattern generator and much more. The area is particularly recommended for the beginners among you Sewing tips & sewing dictionary or on the Pattydoo Blog


In addition to a collection with excellent Tips and tricks There is a list with a large number of topics, for example “cleaning up the T-shirt neckline”, “things to know about ironing” or “sewing appliqués” 10 tips for beginnersthat make it easier for you to get started. 

If you find yourself reading interesting articles or instructions, what actually means “apply”, who or what is meant by “smoken” and why and what you can “curl” (the list of technical terms could go a lot further here continue), which takes place in the Sewing dictionary at Pattydoo all the necessary definitions of terms, simply described and clearly arranged.

Our Conclusion: a real gold mine for anyone who wants to learn to sew! 

Experience report with advice Nenalisi

nenalisiIf you would like a gentle introduction to the world of nursing and first want to browse a round, we highly recommend Daniela's great experience report.

In the article "Sewing beginners - what do I need to sew and what does it cost me?“, Which is full of useful advice, you can basically approach the answer to the question,“ Is sewing something for me? ”. Admittedly, all of you will probably feel like reading the blog straight away! All the better, because everything you need is reported in detail here - from the “basics” such as the sewing machine or sewing accessories to fabrics and patterns to the honest knowledge that something can go wrong.

We hold fest: an insightful, helpful and informative article that answers a lot of questions and shouldn't be the only one you read at Nenalisi, because there is a lot more of it.


The all-round package from Sewing for beginners

A complete sewing website for beginners! Here you can really find everything you need from Video, about Sewing Ideas and Patterns up to tips on Purchase of the first sewing machine. The rubric is also convincing Knowledge with a selection of easy-to-read articles, for example on the question of how to choose the right entry-level project, which sewing equipment I need or interesting facts about fabrics.

sewing for beginners

Particularly noteworthy is the Sewing course, that Meike, the operator of the site, developed. Adapted to the needs of real beginners, she planned the content exactly as she would have needed it as a beginner. This closes the gaps that one is at the mercy of in the “autodidactic learning mode”, since one usually only recognizes the problems afterwards.

So let's hold on: a must with a wide range of learning content for everyone who wants to start a new hobby.


The lexiNÄHkon on Lillesol & Pelle

lillesolIn the course of the learning process it can happen that very specific questions arise. "WHAT EXACTLY DOES AN OVERLOCK SEAM AND A ROLLED HEM LOOK LIKE? ” or "HOW TO THREAD AN ENDLESS ZIPPER". We have good news for everyone who knows this: that lexiNÄHkon von Lillesol & Pelle addresses many such specific questions (e.g. the two above). Of course, not all questions that arise in this way are dealt with, but there are already 23 great tutorials that always revolve around a specific issue. So it's worth stopping by if you have a specific question - and even without it, it's worth taking a look at the great blog. 

We summarize: Anyone wondering how do I actually do this and that exactly should take a look at the tutorial collection of Lillesol & Pelle absolutely start investigating the question!


300 free sewing patterns on Creative laboratory Berlin

creative laboratory BerlinAdmittedly, this is not a site exclusively for beginners, but for everyone who is enthusiastic about the topic and looking for inspiration. But under 300 patterns there is also something for beginners! Whether it's a children's hat, pencil case, hair tie or iPad case, you can find your new project here without having to spend hours researching at the boarding school. The best thing about it: all patterns are free! 

Anyone who would like to look a little broader thematically and would like to organize the search in a more structured manner, i.e. according to occasion or topic, is on DIY love precisely! Here you will not only find something on the topic of sewing, but also DIY instructions for the sections knitting, handicrafts and crocheting. Definitely a treasure chest.

We say about it: an absolute MUST for all beginners who are enthusiastic about sewing!


8 tips for beginners from Bad luck & sulfur 

pitch and sulfurAnother recommendable experience report with the 8 ultimate tipsthat you would have liked to have known from the point of view of a seasoned seamstress and blog owner right from the start, you can find here! The critical advice in particular makes it clear that someone with a lot of experience reports here. You will learn that the internet doesn't just have to be your best friend and that not all free e-books lead to quick learning success. With all the tips & tricks that you read through, one thing should always be taken into account. There are also a few mistakes that everyone should have made at least once, because that's where you learn the most. 

Our conclusion here: the article protects itself from errors that don't have to be, of course it is not an anti-error guarantee and that's a good thing, because some things have to be "endured" yourself.


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